Forced Sale

A "Forced Sale" in the Forced Sale region usually occurs when the Mortgagee is unhappy on how the Mortgagor has maintained their account & the net results is the Mortgagee demanding that you settle your debt (Pay out the Mortgage) with the Lender / Mortgagee or put the property up for sale to payout the Mortgagee, hence a "Forced Sale".

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On a large number of occasions the Property Owner may find it difficult to refinance the Mortgage with a New Lender (because of repayment history & or bad credit) & may also find it difficult to Sell the Property (due to market conditions & or location), when these situations arise its worth looking outside of the box & having conversations with as may specialist in this field as possible, mainly because NOT all Apples are the same & on occasion its worth comparing Apples with Oranges to find a more suited product.

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Sometimes, we can assist you in resolving your issues with your Mortgagee & on occasion we could send out a LoanAlert (Email E-Alert Service) to help you find another Lender or perhaps we could come up with an alternative solution altogether, just submit your request & we will get back to you shortly to discuss.